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What is Zuzalu?

-2023: First Zuzalu

The first idea of Zuzalu started on a post Crypto Cities. Over time the idea manifested to an experiment with the first iteration being: Zuzalu Montenegro. The goal: Create a pop-up city that houses 200+ people from a diverse variety of regions and fields together for 2 whole months aimed to blend a variety of cultures fostering an environment where innovative experiments could make positive impacts on the world. To learn more about the idea behind Zuzalu, Why I Built Zuzalu.

2024: Open Frontier

  • Coordinate on supporting digital public goods that would be common across these Zu-villages
  • Engage in cross-pollination and intellectual discussion
  • Actively encourage people, both inside the existing community and on the edges of it, to run their own Zu-villages and strongly consider providing funding

Zuzalu Software Mission

To continue building open-source tools for everyone to use. Coordinate builders in the community to build towards application experiences and tools both for/and independent of the app (zuzalu.city)

Values excerpt from V's Make Ethereum Cypherpunk Again:

Many of these values are shared not just by many in the Ethereum community, but also by other blockchain communities, and even non-blockchain decentralization communities, though each community has its own unique combination of these values and how much each one is emphasized.

Open global participation: Anyone in the world should be able to participate as a user, observer or developer, on a maximally equal footing. Participation should be permissionless.

Decentralization: Minimize the dependence of an application on any one single actor. In particular, an application should continue working even if its core developers disappear forever.

Censorship resistance: Centralized actors should not have the power to interfere with any given user's or application's ability to operate. Concerns around bad actors should be addressed at higher layers of the stack.

Auditability: Anyone should be able to validate an application's logic and its ongoing operation (eg. by running a full node) to make sure that it is operating according to the rules that its developers claim it is.

Credible neutrality: Base-layer infrastructure  should be neutral, and in such a way that anyone can see that it is neutral even if they do not already trust the developers.

Building tools, not empires: Empires try to capture and trap the user inside a walled garden; tools do their task but otherwise interoperate with a wider open ecosystem.

Cooperative mindset: Even while competing, projects within the ecosystem cooperate on shared software libraries, research, security, community building and other areas that are commonly valuable to them. Projects try to be positive-sum, both with each other and with the wider world.

Community Operation

The primary focus is to underscore interoperability between Zuzalu.city and various tools, ensuring seamless integration. A robust coordination process will be established, empowering community members to actively contribute and develop missing modules and components. Invitations will be extended to Guilded, enhancing community engagement with a focus on fostering meaningful and high-quality interactions.

And for more of what we have upcoming, read the roadmap! Zuzalu Software Roadmap

View the Community Blog (Guilded)

Zuzalu Builders' Project Updates

Current List of Contributors (...)

  • Build With Us:

    Join Guilded - R&D, coop building portal

    Join Zuzagora - for existing ZuPass holders

    We eagerly await enthusiastic members to join force with existing community builders, and contribute and take on challenges together. Here are at least three ways to get involved:

    1. Co-build Shape the OS and build tools.
    2. Module/Plug-in/Extension Integrate tools into the toolkit.
    3. Requirements Providers (Feature R&D) Test Zuzalu infra with specific community experiences.

    "We need active human intention to choose the directions that we want, as the formula of "maximize profit" will not arrive at them automatically."

    (--"My Techn-Optimism", Nov 2023)